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and its the MBC update day!


nah… i am now in a “too long an afternoon nap”syndrome. its a mistake to lay down at 4 pm.

before i fell asleep tho, i managed to learn to make one solid granny square, guided by, again by YouTube tutorial. Here it is:


yeah, did not look as good as the sunburst that i learnt last week. But it will look neat if they are joined. Here is a picture of an pillow cover made using this pattern from google image


anyhow, i am up to date with my mood blanket, done the 17 squares as today is 17 of Jan.


long way to go!

p/s: so what have you been working on this weekend?




after finished with handsome’s service yesterday, i felt like a long drive. as usual, i love driving him right after his service as he will feel brand new.

i missed an exit and i found myself driving toward the Federal Highway and so, i went to Amcorp Mall. very “good” place to be at, Aida, i told myself, but i know i am already up above my own embarrassment state that i am okay to go or see things that i normally dont want to see. after all, its my own fault all these happened to myself.

stop that. move on.

so, since i was already there, i went to the bookstore to find some books for my little friends. of course i dont get what i wanted from the store, as always. its either the book i wanted is just so popular that they sold out every copy, or its just not popular at all to be stored there.

but i was so happy to get some Calvin and Hobbes books for myself. Saw them at the “best seller” shelves and smiled hugely to see the price, grab both books and walked around browsing while hugging the books close to my heart. i was crazy, but cant help it.

anyway, this entry is about the surprise when i finished paying the loots. No, i did not get further discount. its the receipt that caught my attention. apparently the bookstore is running a little contest and they print the winning short stories on the receipt. well well well, this is a very good idea!

ok yeah, i read receipt, big deal. i also try hard to read what Chuck Lorre trying to say on the vanity cards at the end of each TBBT’s episode (of course i failed each time as i did not have the ability to read 200 words in a half-second).

right, this is the time i should tell you what the receipt stories all about. but mom is asking when we should leave (want to get some new curtains for her room) so ill be short and sweet about it.

here.. read it from the screen shot i made from their website


so my inspiring author friends, may be you should do something about this splendid idea and start sending your short stories (i might do the same).

i sure hope to read your short stories on my receipt, soon.

here is the winning story as per my receipt, yesterday.

page number 5 and the two books i now treasure :)

page #5 and the two books i now treasure 🙂

the journey


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