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It was a better February this year. From my past experiences, my February was always a sad one. So Alhamdulillah for the better month.

So whats up with everyone?

Its very quiet here these days. I done my February stash and they are now safely stored in a box together with January stash.



And what else i have been doing, apart from daily square for March?

Well… I saw these when browsing the internet last week.


And so when i went to Spotlight (again) last saturday, i puchased some very while acrylic yarn (they are on sale, a 200gm ball for rm9.99). Its pretty simple to crochet really, i just followed the video tutorial on youtube and here is my  first bear



Hehehe…i didnt get to buy the correct eyes for it. But i had let Yasmin to take it home with her. Will crochet some more soon.

So anyhow, i am typing this while in the car, my younger bro driving mom and i to airport. Leaving for a short trip to Sumatera. Will blog only when i have wifi, inshaa Allah or when im back home next weekend.


Hence bye February….bye KL, for now.

Have a great weekend!


yeap. i am all about maybelle this week. i came across this lovely blog and saw the Maybelle flower she crochet and fell in love. i bookmarked the page and on Tuesday visited it again and picked up my crochet needle, learnt to crochet one flower.

it felt good to know that finally i am “smart”enough to learn a pattern from a written instruction. whole these while i am a youtube learner 🙂

so this flower is just so pretty that i think i should use more colours. hence after work on Wednesday, i drove to Ampang Point and went to Spotlight. guess what, i was in luck. the yarns are back on sale! not 50% off like last time, but there was RM4 off each skein. wowiee shopping spree (haha)


some  new colours yeay!

i was so excited that once i arrived home, i made two more Maybelle flowers that night.


today i learnt how to make the squares too. well, the size is a little bigger than my old granny square and so i think ill do this as another project. maybe a teapot cosy or cushion cover 🙂


all in all, another week of great adventure with the yarns. next week will be back to normal as Chinese New Year week ended. stressing me to think about Monday morning’s traffic (oh my).

oh, before i forgot, here is the week’s squares. i used my new yarns already 🙂


and look who came out to model the Maybelles…

stay tuned everyone!

our PA, Haslan went on medical leave for 2 weeks due to torn ligament. he was cat-walking,  i told everyone who asked, and didn’t see the drain and in he went.

when he was away, there’s a few of his assignments thrown my way and as a gesture of appreciation, he gave me something pink to adopt yesterday (thank you Lan, i appreciate it so much!). Imagine a handicap man, walking on the street of Petaling Street just to get it for me (so sweet lah).

So as promised on the last entry, i brought it home and introduced it to Woolly.

Of course i hadn’t named it yet. Told Wool that she will replace Butch as he is stuck in Dubai, i lost contact with the friend i fostered him with.

Here’s a picture of the two, getting to know each other 🙂

getting to know each other

Wool : you are cute, but not so decent. we should make or knit you a skirt or something

P : ahem. as if! you are too only wearing your fur, missy

Wool : well yes, but i didn’t go on and show my belly button!!!

noted, kids :p

wow. long time no post 😛

yep, been very busy, but things are slowing down now (yeay)

the wedding things are over and done with, Alhamdulillah. I am waiting for the full wedding album to be sent over so i can post a picture or two.

hmm… so now i kinda came back to my mundane uninteresting routine. Lets see if i will take up some new challenges (or not) in 2012.

anyway, look who is looking rather suave in her new lacey scarf!

I was trying to knit my first lace pattern. Didnt have the correct yarn, so used some old crochet yarn i have.



Fred and Grimwade is coming soon, and someone is excited (but shy at the same time).


Waiting for Sept 9th, Wool?



So there is a question posted on our Buletin Wall and Woolly was up to the challenge.

So she answered me, me, me!!

And hence she has been nominated as the next…

I the next Fire Warden and I from Neptune!

And what’s her duties?

One of them is…

the fire extinguisher's model 😛


In charge of other's safety is a hard work but she is gaining trust and love and good friends

An e-mail with an attachment from afar. I love it and wanna share. Will do the layout similar with the original attachment.

“Hop” you like it!

Dear Khaltu,

Recently, I scolded Bunny for being ill-mannered and unfriendly to the cats. So Bunny decided to make friends with the cats—her first idea was Cattail….

As you know, Cattail has plenty of relatives. Bunny realized that Paprika, tortoiseshell sister, was about the same age as her, and they began to talk—






Hello? Hey? Hey, wake up cat!





Bunny is very talkative…









“You know one time…”








“And then he jumped on the fence….”


“and then” ZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Look who’s trying to look cute tonight!

I cute, no? 🙂

She is trying to convince me that she is ready to go to office again.

I’m giving in… she is going tomorrow. And I do misses her when she is at home and I am at office 12 hours a day 😦


p/s: I updated few more pictures of Woolly in the a week off entry

A few people started to ask me about Woolly.

Yes, there was no posting as I was sick and busy at work and Woolly was busy with her activities too.

A green peace kid like me. She helped with the green @ the balcony

Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripe!!!


Checking on the pregnant guppy. Not too close tho, Woolly...

Help to administrate my meds

Watching tv (of course!)

Playing with Cocodile

I think Woolly deserved a good long hot bath.

And since Woolly scared of water, I gave her the little surprise once we arrived home from work the other night.

This is how she reacted when she saw the bucket of warm soapy water…

Oh no! No! No! Im still clean. No!!!!!

But she started to enjoy it when I dipped her in!

Yeeeee...... Can I stay here the whole night please la?

And now she is hanging to dry 🙂

Im my own swing!!

And yes, she smells like Lavender now 😎



the journey


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