we should all try to eat healthy. a lot of times the bf mentioned about the bad side effect of this and that, and dont really eat dishes made with coconut milk.

i hence tweak my normal chicken curry recipe for one without coconut milk.


it tasted good, Alhamdulillah. I made it for lunch today and somehow felt i should have made more!

anyhow, if you would like to try this, here is the recipe:

1pc chicken breast (cubed) – since im cooking for one meal, i used half of the breast only

1pc medium potato – cubed

1pc medium onion – chopped
4pcs garlic – chopped coarsely
1/3 part of chicken stock cube

a handfull of coriander leaves and the stalks (i chopped them coarsely, separating the stalks and the leaves)

2teaspoons of curry powder – make it a paste by adding some hot water. I used meat/chicken curry powder by Baba’s

right. in a deep pan, heat up a few tablespoon of oil. fry the onions, garlic and the chicken cube till the onion turns a little golden. Then add in the curry paste. Fry for a few minutes, or until the water dried out from ur paste. in malay we call it “pecah minyak”. Toss in the coriander stalks.

add in the chicken and potato. Mix well and add in half cup of water. Stir a while and cover your pan. You should leave the curry to simmer, stirring occasionally.

Cook until the potatoes are cooked through and your curry gravy become a little oily again. finally toss in the corriander leaves and thats all.

Oh ya, please taste the gravy for the salt. I only added a pinch or so. Very healty isnt it?

happy cooking uols!