i was somewhat very happy when i was on my way back from KL last Saturday.

may be it was the fact that i finally had the chance to purchase the fossil that i have been wanting for a few months and the fact that because the purchase, i managed to get a few hand dipped plates for free. i know i am nuts for handmade stuff.

so anyhow, on my way back, i stopped at a petrol station. since i choose a pump on the wrong side of the car’s fuel cap, i made quite a “show” when i re-fuel, spilling some petrol and so on. at the next pump on my right, there is another customer, a father with his son and daughter refueling their car.

the son and daughter was tentatively watching me, may be amazed by this makcik on her heels fussing around. seeing them looking at me, i acted a little more as i walked to find some water to wash away the spilled petrol (picture Mr Bean walking tip toe-ing).

i found the water can, lifted it (so heavy) and walked to my car. put it on the floor, took off the pump, closed the fuel tank cap and…. took the water can, went to the left side of the car and washed away, really acting.

when i finished, i walked to the side where the boy stood gaping at me, with his wondering eyes.

i smiled and said

“Yes, I add some water in my fuel tank”.

i watched the boy looking at me while im driving off.

wonder if he will tell his dad to add some water into his tank too. you know, as i did it, and i drove off okay.