a few days back, while driving to work, the morning crew asked this question to listeners.

what is your biggest lie?

one guy called up and said “men don’t lie”.

i learnt from a friend a long time ago that this sentence is actually true.

men dont lie. they just dont tell you the whole truth.


girl: do you have another girlfriend?

man: i have a lot of “girlfriends”, but you are special.

not a lie, no? cause everyone is special in a different way.

another example.

girl: do you like me?

man: i do have feelings for you.

still not a lie. hate is also a feeling.

i tried to copy this in my everyday life. but not very successfully. so what is the next best thing? change the subject!


you: how are you today?

me: are you going to masjed soon?

you: i just came back from masjed. how are you today?

me: then, you will go get dinner?

you: later perhaps. you had your dinner yet?

me: how was the weather today?

lengthy … it is tiring being a girl who can’t lie and can’t hide some of the truth either.