Well, well, well. Its already February and i just realised that i have once again abandoned this site.

I blame it partly to my lazy-ness, my busy-ness and of course, to the fact that i forgotten to re-install WordPress on this phone after it has been reset to factory setting when i sent it for repair last December.

Anyhow, this is just a small entry.

I found this beautiful rendition from a girl on her name and i simply love it.

Tasbeeh. Yes, i will call you Tasbeeh and will not give you any other nick name. I promise πŸ™‚

β€œMy name is Tasbeeh. It’s a tough t clinging to a soft a, which melts into a silky ssss, which loosely hugs the b, and the rest of my name is a hard whisper β€” eeh. Tasbeeh. My name is Tasbeeh. Hold it in your mouth until it becomes a prayer. My name is a valuable undertaking. My name requires your rapt attention. Say my name in one swift note – Tasbeeeeeeeh – sand let the h heat your throat like cinnamon. Tasbeeh. My name is an endeavor. My name is a song. Tasbeeh. It means giving glory to God. Tasbeeh. Wrap your tongue around my name, unravel it with the music of your voice, and give God what he is due.”

Nice? Do one for yourself and post it off.


A project im working on this month πŸ™‚