i am on second day of my three day course on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

met my dear old friends today as all four of us are at Ritz Carlton! yes it is amazing how the universe play it’s magic.

there are a lot of things spoken and observed as i met my friends today. from a few minutes chat during my session’s break out time, to a coffee session in the evening. silently i assess everyone around me, my friends, the people sitting at the next tables and myself included.

the topic of our conversations today goes in circles of the very question that kept on popping in my mind.

are we really happy?

i learnt that we are the product of our own choices, not our circumstances.

but i wonder if i am seeing everyone around me trying hard to be happy. Or i assumed too much? are we happy with our choices so far or are we just playing along as we have invested so much energy and emotion?

how much is too much then?

how much should you sacrifice or invest in order to be happy?

are we too desperate to be happy that we are willing to sacrifice things so we can make others happy?

i wish i can go back to days when we can talk silly.

all my friends grown up already.