Im on my break from my study streak at the National Library.

Bought a cheese bun and a cup of white coffee. Paid, sit down, took the phone from my small pouch and clicked WordPress.

And i right away asking for my Stats page.

Erk! No views? Whatttt?

I read an article before on how do you know you are addicted to blogging.

One of the criterias is talking about this behaviour toward Stats page.

OhmyGucci…oh no no no no….

P/s: please visit me often so i will not be forced to join a group to say ” my name is Aida and i am an addict”. Please pretty please!!! :p

p/s/s: Btw – price watching – a cup of white coffee here is priced at RM1.30. Rat cheap!?


Side tracked picture from Insta. Layered cakes i had for a tea party yesterday.