My friends and I went to HCMC for 6 days in September.

A lot of our time there spent walking the streets of Saigon and shop (of course).

Truly, I can never say enough of this – the journey has been an eye opener for me. It showed me the true spirit of “moving on”, the Vietnamese’s’ will to survive.

We fell in love with the delicious pho, the coffee was just so good i drank it for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

and of course, the street life, the traffic, the businesses, made me say it out loud “judging from all these people out here that we saw, i think none of them stays at home”. Always something to do in Saigon. Everybody seems to have a purpose. Everybody seems to moved on and surviving well.

Bravo Saigon! We will meet again, in shaa Allah.