mom and i did some spring cleaning today, as you know, spring is near (haha).

i bagged some old books that i know i wont read again and after asr just now drove to find a recycle centre.

my driving took me to tesco ampang.

parked the car, get out and took the bags with me.

theres a lady there, she wore a t-shirt the same colour as the centre (green and white) so i guess she is in charge. so i held the bags to her and said:

me: “books. where do i put them?”

she pointed at the weighing scale. fine, i put them there and she asked “done? no more?”.


9kg, she said.

and as i was walking away, she said

“you give me 10 cents!”

puzzled, i asked, “sorry?”

so she pointed at the books and said “9kg, 90cents. you give me 10cents”

took my “slow” mind sometimes to grasp what she was trying to say and i almost laughed when i realised that i was actually “selling” my old books.

i waved and said “no need lahhh”

she said thank you and i walked to the car.

kind of reminds me of Bujang Lapok movie.

aziz : apek…ini berapa ringgit (sambil letakkan timbunan surat khabar lama)

apek : ninggit a’aaa(sambil belek timbunan paper lama )…..30 sen ooooo

aziz : gila 30 sen ..wa beli 1 keping 15 sen

apek : lu beli pakai kuping…wa beli pakai bolong..mana boleh sama o’oooo

aziz : eee 30 sen mcm-mcm crita dalam ni

apek : wa beli bukan mau baca celite…

note to self: do not take your research papers to recycle centre. it will break your heart to know how cheap they worth out there  😛