our PA, Haslan went on medical leave for 2 weeks due to torn ligament. he was cat-walking,  i told everyone who asked, and didn’t see the drain and in he went.

when he was away, there’s a few of his assignments thrown my way and as a gesture of appreciation, he gave me something pink to adopt yesterday (thank you Lan, i appreciate it so much!). Imagine a handicap man, walking on the street of Petaling Street just to get it for me (so sweet lah).

So as promised on the last entry, i brought it home and introduced it to Woolly.

Of course i hadn’t named it yet. Told Wool that she will replace Butch as he is stuck in Dubai, i lost contact with the friend i fostered him with.

Here’s a picture of the two, getting to know each other 🙂

getting to know each other

Wool : you are cute, but not so decent. we should make or knit you a skirt or something

P : ahem. as if! you are too only wearing your fur, missy

Wool : well yes, but i didn’t go on and show my belly button!!!

noted, kids :p