aisyah made a comment today.

she said “of all people i came across, i think you are the one who is the most obsessed with your phone. what exactly are you looking at?”

i was taken aback, but managed to utter some twitter, whatsapp, facebook, wordpress… as i walked out of her door, eyes on the phone as i was replying a whatsapp message.

i cant help but wonder if i am, indeed a phone, err i mean, an internet junky (as i rarely receive sms or phone calls anyway). the berry is my internet source.

last night during the PACS Agency Leaders Dinner at KL Hilton, my colleague too, asked a question “you’ve been typing on your phone for so long. you are typing a poem or something?”

i brushed her off. during that time i was in a middle of a heated argument with my best friend on whatsapp.

so today at home i made a list of day-to-day necessity for an Aida.

what are the things i need to stay “alive”

true enough, i typed:

1. internet

2. electricity so the modem can work

i think i need help.