i finished the book after two nights burning midnight oil reading it.

interesting enough, even though this is supposed to be a thriller, i finished it as if i was reading a love story. a love so deep, Ishigami sacrificed his life so the woman he secretly in love with could live happily. even though if its not besides him.

may be i saw it that way cause by nature, i am hopelessly romantic? (i can see a lot of rolled eyes … hahaha).

I saw this book at an airport’s book store last year when i was travelling. I don’t remember which airport, but I have jot down the title and the author’s name in my berry’s note for a book to read.

The Times quoted the author, Keigo Higashino as the Japanese Steig Larsson. I have read all three books of the Millennium trilogy, i agree that The Times cannot go any wrong. There are a lot of science and mathematics in this story and if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, i am sure you will love this book. Not because it’s funny, but because the main characters, Ishigami and the assistance professor Yukawa, are nerds. Yukawa is a physicist while Ishigami is a mathematician.

the story revolves with Ishigami helping Yasuko, the woman he owes his life, so to speak, establishing alibis after she and her daughter killed her ex-husband one night. The way he did it was so clever that even though this story was written in a way that you went to the lives of every characters, you are still shocked when the real story revealed by the physicist. Only in the end you will, just like Yasuko, ask the question, why were the detectives been asking about her alibi one night after the murder instead?

Ill let you to read and wonder about it.

and the sentence that gave me a different angle to see things this new year, “sometimes, all you had to do was exist in order to be someone’s saviour”.

sigh. the unspoken love!


p/s: the book is now opened to be borrowed. anyone interested, buzz me 🙂