i guess its the season of butterflies, caterpillars and pupae at home.

and i have been happy when i first saw those beautiful butterflies flew so high to my balcony at 4th floor to visit my little “garden”.

but unfortunately they left their eggs here. there are now lots of caterpillars. sadly, they are munching on my calamondin, kafeer lime and my favorite-i still dont know its name- trees.

this morning, while watering the plants, i sadly managed to ‘evict’ at least 4 caterpillars and 4 pupae. sad because i dont like to temper  with the nature. sad because they are ruining the plants.

leaves no more…

lonely twigs

oh well, whatever, nevermind…

two of them that i evicted. one is still munching away!

the little ones

side tracked picture. parsley!!