finally, the video is up and published 🙂

here it is


and here are a few tips for your next trip to Langkawi

1. plan your trip earlier

2. book your accommodation up front. the best place to stay will be at Pantai Cenang. there are a lot of motels and good hotels at that area. It is also a popular shopping place, it is not too far from Pekan Kuah (the main town)

3. it is a very good idea to drive n your own there. it is more relaxing, stress free as the roads are mainly empty. you can get cheaper rate for car rental at Kuah Jetty. if you didnt know anyone in Langkawi, i suggest you just rent your car once you arrived.

4. you can only take 3pcs of kain batik (sarong) out. more than that, the custom will confesticate confiscate them.

5. you can only take out 1 carton of cigarrette

6. when trying to find your destination, make sure you know where it’s location, beach wise. It is easier to navigate your way when you know, for example, Oriental Village is at Pantai Kok. Almost all road sign will have the direction to the beaches.

7. there are A LOT of road blocks in the island. So make sure you have your driving license always with you! If the police flagged you to stop, stop, roll down the window, on the interior car light (if its night time), and smile.

8. bring a good camera please!

9. you have the right to bargain at anything you wanted to buy, seriously!

10. it is always good to pack in shopping bags, just in case

other tips, google on your own 🙂

have a good weekend peeps!