hi there! 🙂

as some of you already knew, I spent the long weekend break in Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia.

it was an all-in-one adventure. my first time travelling on a midnight train (the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Arau, Perlis took us almost 11 hours), for our comfort i booked the sleeping coach, pre-booked a car and a 3days 2 nights accomodation at Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi.

it was a great place to be, Langkawi. i was so happy driving the smooth, almost empty roads, watching the sunrise and sunset from my room, looking at all the greens of paddy field, mountains and of course, the blue of the sea. i told my travelling partner, Fila, that if i am a resident here in Langkawi, i might live till im 150, stress free!

we only used the map during the first day, the next days, we just venture and alhamdulillah, only stopped to ask for direction to Makam Mahsuri on the last day.

the activities when we were there, in point forms:

  • 4th April – 915pm – board the train @ KLCentral station
  • 5th April – arrived Arau (Perlis) station @ 820am. We quickly get a cab (the fare was RM24 per cab) and heads to Kuala Perlis Jetty
  • we bought our 930 am ferry tickets (fare was RM18 per person) and went to a restaurant for breakfast
  • 920am – board our ferry to Kuah, Langkawi
  • 1020am – arrived Kuah Jetty
  • we then walked to find the counter for car rental. apparently you can get a better, cheaper deal once you arrived at Kuah. But i am not complaining. i got myself a good deal – RM160 for a Naza Picanto (A) for the 3 days stay.
  • got the car and booked our island hopping trip  – RM35 per person (she was asking for RM40, original price RM45, i asked for RM35 and she said okay, win-win). the original plan was that we will go island hopping that day itself, but she told us that ‘sharing basis trip’ will only depart at 9am. fine!
  • we took the car, asked for direction to Awana. drove and amazed!
  • 1130am – arrived Awana Porto Malai. breath taking place, the hotel is at water edge and there is a broadwalk and a small jetty. the jetty for Star Cruise ships situated at the end of the hotel too. suave!
  • as our room will only be ready in about an hour or so, we decided that we should go to ride the cable car, instead of waiting. the drive to Oriental Village, Pantai Kok, where the cable car is located, is again, an amazing view. we saw the green of the mountains surrounding the island and the sea, the alcove and i was delighted when i saw the marina @ Perdana Quay.
  • we arrived at Oriental Village and has fun during the cable car ride. i didnt get to snap pictures here as my phone’s battery flat out. you can read about the cable car here. The ticket for the ride is just RM15 for MyCard holder and rM30 for foreigners. we also went for the skybridge (i know i will always have jungle trekking activity anywhere i go) and i posted a postcard – the post box located 708 metres above sea level (i expect a big thank you from the person receiving it :p)
  • we left oriental village after having our lunches and some ahem, shopping :). we drove to Telaga Tujuh and parked, approached by the parking attendance and i asked what is Telaga Tujuh all about. we cancelled our intention to explore the place when he told us that we need to hire a guide as there has been people got lost before, and the fact that we are not wearing good hiking shoes.
  • we went back to Awana, got our room and rest for a while. the evening was filled with shopping at duty free shops and we ventured to Kuah Town and on shopping spree again.
  • 6th April – after breakfast, we were picked up at Awana at around 9am for our Island Hopping. the jetty for the activities is really just a few minutes away from Awana. we waited for the boat, 6 more people joined our boat. it was a bumpy speed boat ride and i was enjoying the ride! we went to see the small islands like Pulau Singa Besar (we didnt stop here as the island has been taken over by a university), Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah.
  • the first stop, Pulau Dayang Bunting is popular for the fresh water lake in the middle of the island. we walked/hiked to the lake, of course there are a lot of monkeys – the boatman told us to leave any plastic bags in the boat as the monkey will try to grab the bags. i commented to myself that the monkeys are either environmental friendly junkie or they want to sell off the bags to a recycle center somewhere. I happened to put my dry clothes in a plastic bag, inside my tote. I ignored the boatman advice and walked as quietly as i could, dont wanna attract the monkey’s attention. ahem, i failed and a monkey grabbed my tote twice. Panicked, but acted brave! :p
  • we hired a solar boat at the lake for RM30 and we rounded the lake for 30 minutes. we also tasted the mystical water of the lake. after 30 minutes, we hiked back to the boat. then to the eagle feeding cove near Pulau Beras Basah. Here is a short film i made, sorry for the quality of the film as i was just using my blackberry camera
  • after eagle feeding, we went to Pulau Beras Basah for an hour. we decided that we wont be doing any swimming that day after all. so we just sat by the beach, people watching and talks. we ended the island hopping at around 130 pm and was sent back to Awana.
  • we went out for lunch after a short rest and then head back to Oriental Village area. We know we wont be hiking to Telaga Tujuh, instead we want to go to a waterfall there. It was a small hike, the rocks at the waterfall was magnificent, but unfortunately there’s not much water due to lack of rain that week. Anyhow, we wont need a lot of water as Fila didnt know how to swim, so we went to a shallow part and had fun playing in the water.
  • after a few hours and crowds started to fill in the place, we decided that it is time to go. we drove to Kuah Town, went in to the Langkawi Parade (a shopping complex) and done more shopping and had dinner. when we finished, we drove back to Pantai Cenang and stopped by the roadside and walked along the rows of shops, hoping to buy some beach pants. of course we dont get what we wanted.
  • 7th April – we woke up late and had a lazy and long breakfast. we then walked the hotel compound and the broad walk. at 12noon, we were ready to check out.
  • we drove to Mahsuri Memorial Park to visit Mahsuri’s mausoleum. As the legend had it, Mahsuri is the ‘soul’ of Langkawi. She has been murdered due to a slander and before she died, she cursed that Langkawi will be a barren land for 7 generations. i still remember in late 90’s, the 7th generation of Mahsuri was identified in Thailand. You can read about the legend here
  • the last stop for the day was at Dataran Lang, near Kuah Jetty, after i bought our ferry ride for Kuala Perlis. Spent a few minutes here as the weather was warm. then we returned the car, head in the jetty terminal, window shopping (no more real shopping as our bags are already in the verge of bursting) and had lunch.
  • the custom counter in the terminal wasnt that strict anyway. we just have to scan in out luggages (the loose bags are not required to be scanned). the custom officer just waived us to go ahead without having to check our bags. well, we didnt seems to be people to buy alcohol or lots of kain batik, so need not waste time checking anyway.
  • the ferry has been very punctual. we boarded the ferry at 330pm and the journey back to Kuala Perlis started promply at 4pm.
  • we arrived Kuala Perlis Jetty and got a taxi for another RM24. we were at KTM Arau at around 540pm and waited for our 706pm train back to KL. of course the train delayed, we only started our journey at 810pm, to arrive KL at 645am the next day.

it was a good, enjoyable trip. i am looking forward for another visit (seriously!), soon. i guess the next time, ill get the kids to go with me and i can spend time teaching them about the mountains and the sea. yes, i know i am a landlubber.

now, i am waiting for some more photos from the cable car ride before starting a short film of all things i saw in Langkawi and may be ill jot down a few tips for a better Langkawi experiences.

till then, i am going to rest, enjoy my Monday off work and nurse this mild sun burnt.

life is indeed, an adventure. till then!