a taxi driver protested loudly, one night, when he was driving me home from work, over a news from the radio about the maximum retirement age in Malaysia.

similar as a lot of fellow Malaysians, his basis to protest is that our young graduates will not have the chance to be hired in government offices if we let the veterans to stay on their job till they are 62. he goes on and on talking about how good grades graduates are still unemployed these days and how that is a waste of good resources.

he looked at me from his seat and asked “what do you think?”

in the darkness of the back seat of his taxi, i smiled and said “how good do you think our graduates are nowadays?”

he said he is not sure and decided to end the conversation. I gladly complied.

now, this is not an entry to downgrade anyone, don’t get me wrong. This is just me asking a random question, what is the real quality of our universities’ education these days?

it is true that there are a lot of fresh graduates with CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 3.5 and above came for interviews, but I almost always frustrated when I walked out of the room.

I have here a few essays that our candidates wrote for their interviews. Reading them, do you think these have been penned by a degree holder in Mass Comm (Journalism) with CGPA 3.32 or a diploma holder in Civil Engineering (CGPA 3.67!!)?

the candidate with Civil Engineering Diploma scored 1/15 for mathematics questions. She even gets it wrong for the question: Round 295418 to the nearest ten thousand. I really am afraid if she is going to practice engineering!

So what is wrong with our higher education’s standard? What have our students in college been learning these days? May be we should all go back to hire people using their SPM certificates cause I think that certificates really do reflects the real level of their education?

Something to ponder, eh? In the meanwhile, I do hope our veterans will stay doing their jobs till they are 62 and kids, start learning!