I met an old friend today (darn it, i forgot to snap a picture!).

We went back in early 2005 when we both worked in Phileo Damansara and I havent met her until today.

We shared some of our live stories and we had some similar experiences (in relationship matter, that is!).

I like her quote at the end of our chats. She said:

~Man, they always told you that they are different from the other guy. But in the end, when something happened, he will say “Hey, I am a MAN. What do you expect?”~

True, eh?

– Dear Shinyi, if you are reading this, it has been a pleasure meeting you again after all these years. You’ve grown up, matured and very radiant looking. Get past the bitter experiences and lets move on, give chances and if it happen again, you know ull be better at dividing the assets! :p –

till we meet again, woman. xxoo