friday the 7th

my subordinate, Theresa walked to my workstation carrying a box as I was walking back to my desk. She handed me a box and demanded some tip for her “service”.

i looked at the box in her hands and smile my biggest smile and said “It’s arrived!!!”

i immediately picked up my phone and called my friend in Fishers to say thank you (once again, Thank You Rahul!!).

when that’s done, it’s time to open the box! I was so excited that I cant stop smiling!

they are gorgeous and i can’t wait to knit knit knit :).

well, honestly i just don’t know where to start, being busy with work, classes and projects, knitting, and sigh, the long overdue guitar lessons. Life is simply not boring for me these days!


p/s: now i realized that i NEED to learn about yarn sizes. I bought some fingering ones this time so i will have to go buy size 3 needles. Haha!