Aida is on vacation in the Borneo.

Catched the 1020am flight yesterday, touched down at 1255noon. The start of the journey has been smooth and easy, but the waiting for my rented car wasn’t a good time. Took my friend 2hours plus to be at the airport.

But anyhow, I was pleased by the car that he finally provided me with. A small car with plenty of leg rooms.

And I started my journey up to the mountains at about 340pm, arrived here at 6. A long journey from Kota Kinabalu to Mesilou, Kundasang.

Settled here, I am inhibating the Chili room.

It is not as cold as at the National Park before, but then again, I didn’t go walk in the rain like last time, yet 🙂

No pictures now unfortunately as I am BlackBerry blogging and you know I’m not very good at it 🙂

So, sunrise gazing now (I woke up at 530am, wanting to see the scene) with a cup of hot water (no coffee or tea in the room unfortunately).

A long journey to Sepilok for Orang Utan Sanctuary soon after breakfast and I think ill be out and about till late (holiday bless).

Right. Till later, alligator! 🙂

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