Last two nights I’ve spent my nights reading Dear John.

I finished the book last night, at around 1am (the first night I stayed up until almost 3).

Yes, Dear John made my cry buckets.

Not just because of the lost of great love for another love (which I can relate), but mostly because of the two Mr. Tyrees.

I admit I miss my dad so much. I admit I never stopped missing that very man. I admit I quit reading or watching films about daddy for so long. In fact, I know I stopped watching emotional movies altogether this few months because a slight hint of sadness will make me cry. Such melancholic Aida.

But last two nights, I embraced the melancholy me and read till I wet my pillows. And I lay awake for so long thinking of so many things.

About the man who broke my little heart, about life in general, this little family and about friends who been with me through thick and thin. When I woke up at around 5am for my seheri, the usual person came to my mind. And I know right that second, I will be down again today. And its true.

Dear You. You paint me a blue sky, and go back, and turn it to rain.