It’s Eid.

Recent break up made me feel like being alone as much as I can and hence opt to report to work and be with my team during second day of Eid.

But what to do during first day of Eid? I sent my friend, Aisyah an Instant Message a few days before Eid, saying – let’s go to Najib’s house this Eid? And she said – Yes, let’s go. I quickly regretted I asked, but I know I cant do anything about it anymore.

So after Eid prayers and a quick visit to Aisyah’s untie’s house, we head up to Putrajaya (me on my everyday pair of slippers as I was wearing those to the mosque).

I called this adventure as – My Journey to taste my tax money, or should I say, a journey to see my tax money gone to the dustbin.

Anyway, we arrived at around 1pm, under the hot sun of Putrajaya. Lost as there is no direction what so ever on where to get the feeder bus to go to Seri Perdana. But since we are survivors, we managed to hop into the bus and off we go. The rest, Ill let the pictures tell the story…

Perdana Putra - The PM's Office building.

The feeder bus to Seri Perdana, the PM's house

The walk to Seri Perdana from the bus stop. Part of the crowd. The news said almost 100,000 ppl went to the open house

OK, we are at the correct place! Hooray?!

We saw hundreds of people lining up...

We were not sure why the line was formed. We are going inside the house to eat? Hmm… lost! So we joined the queue. Half way through the line, when it was so hot that we can’t handle it, Aisyah stopped a woman who just came out of the building. She told us that the line was to go inside to shake hands with the PM, his wife (the real PM:p) and all the cabinet ministers. We looked at each other and we know we wont waste our time! We then went to search for the food instead. Good move, I say!

Here we are. 3 tents to cater the guesses. Nice view, by the way. We can see the Perdana Putra from here

Verities of Malaysian food was served, lots of them prepared in front of us. It was the hawker style thing, and I was so happy that my favorite "Putu Piring" is there too!! Yummy!

When I told a friend that Im going to the open house, he asked me to save him a cake. And guess what, there are lots of cakes here given by lots of big companies. My joke of the day was there's two policemen guarding a huge cake with the picture of the PM and his wife's face on it. I told Aisyah - they are guarding it, just in case someone wants to stretch Rosmah's face on the cake!

We left the open house after spending 30 minutes eating and watching people, and Aisyah got to snap picture with her heroes – Upin and Ipin. hahaha

They really got big heads, yes

We used the same feeder bus to go back to where we parked the car. And Aisyah wondered if we were allowed to pack some of the food (since it was our tax money and we are, after all, Malaysian). I laughed at her question, and laughed harder to this one:

Atta girl! Pack some satay for daddy at home? Very Malaysian indeed...