I’ve been so busy and lazy tired that I missed my blog!

It has been what I called as crazy 14 day in 2010. Been busy with work, some event coordinations, learning and handover. It was also fun 2 weeks and wallahi, I am so looking forward 2011.

Here’s a few picts to summaries the last 14 days!

went to check out the Xmas deco @ Pavilion with Aisyah during lunch break

Decorated our own pointy tree - for our Dept's gift exchange

little purple teddy to be given away

mine - the bullhead (we call him Bubu) given by Tammy and the vase is the gift I exchanged

Door gifts for the farewell gathering - 30 Dec 2010

Yumm... 4 of our contract staffs leaving us on 31st and they bought us doughnuts

Started a new knitting project - Push out the boat sweater- using basket weaves pattern

The Lime tree is growing, Alhamdulillah!!

So does the tomato and chilies, Masha Allah