Out of 5 guppies i purchased several weeks ago, 2 survived (Alhamdulillah).

And for days I’ve been reading and checking pictures of guppies to check the gender of the two guppies.

Now, once again I am squatting in front of the aquarium, back and forth to the lappy, which is displaying the page of endless thread on pregnant guppies.

I know the 7 fishes in the tank are all wondering what is this toweled head woman doing. They may even get stressed out to see my eyes following their every movements!

I gave up. So I captured a few videos on the fat guppy ( a few tries as he/she can’t stay put).

Please, someone, anyone, please watch the video and tell me:

Is she a she?

and is she pregnant?


Add on: Here’s some pictures of the guppies and the other Tiger Bard fishes 🙂