I was introduced to a colleague today. After the basic hello, she said: so, tell me more about yourself.

Simple enough question, but it made me wonder for a while.

What a coincident! I know I have doubted myself even when I was walking to office this morning. The parking attendance, an Indian guy said “Good morning kak”. Of course this is not his first time he greeted me with the same greeting, but this morning I pondered about it.

“Kak”. Big sister. The Indian man is looking old enough to be my uncle. The whole way I walked, asking myself if I didnt look 25 anymore?? (hahaha).

Hmm…time to start using night cream then, Aida.

Back to the question asked. This is MORE things to know about me:

– I drink my tea and coffee black, its a different story if it’s just normal tea or instant coffee
– I love Earl Grey tea, not just because i want to be a Countess
– I am half English, half Malay and a friend called me an Arab wannabe
– I cook, love to try to bake (the end results are not guaranteed), knit, purl, crochet but NO sewing
– I love gardening and though I think fish look sad in the water, I put some in a mini aquarium at home
– I want my entry to be listed on the Fresh Press (oh please, pretty, please!!)
– And yes, I am forever 25!!

Well, yah…. to know me is to love me 🙂