I spoke too soon.

Last night I saw one of the guppies is dying and hence put it in a different container with some salt water.

This morning when I am about to leave to work, it was swimming fine and hence I transferred it back to the aquarium (see it here).

It was drizzling when I left the office at 525pm. I parked the car 500metres away. Since I love the rain, I decided to just walk and say no to the offer of a co-worker to share her red umbrella.

The bad feeling came soon, when I want to cross the road and the pedestrian traffic light is no longer working. Thinking I am still in Dubai, I just used the zebra crossing when there’s not much traffic. A motorcyclist shouted “hoiiii”  while a few cars stopped to let me cross. He is lucky I was not in the mood to let him see one of my fingers.

I walked toward the place where I remember I parked the car. Of course, I made a wrong guess, walked to a wrong turn (that’s the classic sign of a clot, by the way). And of course, the rain started to be a heavy drizzle. As I declared myself  as a no-run woman, I walked patiently in my attempt to find the car.

The office building from inside the car, where I parked it. It’s not far at all!


Soaked!! And the bad news started! First news arrived via sms from Che Ta. She said : Dien, ikan gapi mati 2 ekor (Dien, 2 guppies died). No reply sent to Che Ta. I started the car and drove home.

At home, when I checked my gmail, there’s 2 e-mails from Dubai. Cinnamon died. Knocked down by a white, speeding car. No reply to the two e-mails, yet.

True, no wedding today, just 3 funerals.