Left home for 4 days, big thanks to Nisa who managed to water my little plants albeit her busy schedules.

Day 10 of planting the Dahlia seeds – no buds yet 😦

Tunic is almost ready, need another day or two (stupidly left my cookie tin at home where all my sewing stuff are hence no needles/crochet needle to joint the pieces).

And Che Ta’s fish decided to commit suicide in my care – the fish jump off the mayo bottle i put it in, mom said she tot theres a dead cockroach on the floor the next morning 😦

Went to do my medical check up today and puzzled when i was asked to strip, twice. The doc just asked few questions, fondled a little here and there, said im a bit fat. Puzzled again, a bit? Well, ur fat is well balanced, all in good places. She winked when she said that.

Depressed mode is on.

Where is my depressed mood song? Oh..here we go….

Oh yeah… as noisy as u can please!!!