It’s Diwali long weekend.

We were bored at home, me with lack of mood to cook. Well, was busy re-arranging the hall, my bedroom and the home office after breakfast with Ita, hence tired and don’t feel like cooking šŸ™‚

We left home at almost 4pm, to the long forgotten Ampang Point. Had some fried chicken for late lunch and we walked and walked. Window shopping, basically.

We dropped by a DIY centre and I saw seed counter (yeay!).

I decided to try to plant some flowers. Dahlia Mignon as I know growing Dahlia is easy (I hope!).

We also went to Ampang Waterfront and I ordered my study desk and chair. They will be delivered Monday or Tuesday (Inshaa Allah), will snap pictures when they arrived soon!

Right, back to the Dahlia story. Since we are staying on top floor of a 4 storey apartment, I have to pot plant my Dahlia. I am happy that my Crate and Barrel pot can now be used again šŸ™‚

The seeds are planted 3inches deep.

Lets see if we will see some buds soon.

Will keep you posted!!