I was typing a long e-mail when suddenly my IE acting up and my lappy hanged.

And for the first time, I called Gates, a bad name! (Yeah, can imagine DW laughing now). Why oh why I used IE when I NORMALLY will use Chrome? God knows!

So anyhow, I woke up with a good determination today. After a little freshing up, I typed an sms. Of course, instead of clicking Send, I cancelled the whole thing. Now it’s on the draft box. After tea, I went online and MA said salaam and we talked a while. Like usual, he was full of advice and I will wake up with another determination tomorrow. 🙂

Anyhow, I started my long postponed “building my home office” project today. Managed to do some, will do more tomorrow, i hope. Here’s some pictures of the progress:



and hey, I went back to the Tunic project after maghrib. Yeay?!