When I was small, I collected lots of empty cans and try to make my own green house. Of course, that was a disaster as I kept my cans inside my daddy’s goat shed. That, ahem, is far from being green.

Calling myself as a green peace kid since I was small, I know I always wanted to plant things. Remember miss greens in Dubai?

Nisa, the pessimistic miss, always guaranteed that Ill kill the plants that I bought. Well, may be 30% of them wont survive, as they got homesick when I brought them to my home!

Anyway, here’s the picture of my new darlings. The latest one is this plant:

RM2 (cash) to anyone who can tell me what is the name of this plant please. And yes, thats IKEA’s waste bin i used for the pot. Haha! I bought the plant in Ipoh when I went back there with Aisyah and when I am home, realised that I didnt have a big enough pot to plant it and tadaaa…. I saw the waste bin and “you’ll do!”

And here are pictures of the other small plants I am taking care now:

A few pots at the kitchen balcony – note the orange pot is my dear dear Crate and Barrel’s pot. The Rose that I planted died (Nisa’s curse..hahaha..love u Niss).

And a few more in front of the house. I love the Ginger plant.

I am still hoping that one day I will have the privilege to plant and take care of my own tree 🙂