Here’s a re-post from FB Notes. I want to update the process of knitting this tunic from time to time.


I bought this book during the last few days I was in Dubai. I saw it way earlier but thought that its way too expensive for a book. But since I was leaving, wth, just grabbed it and pay!


My first project from this book is a two-yarn tunic for Alisya (just because she is the smallest girl in the family and I want to try to knit a tunic).



I will document the phases of making this tunic. One of my knitting gurus told me to snap pictures of my projects as it will be fun looking at them later on. Well, since my projects are for my loved ones, I should do that photo snapping 🙂


Dearest Alisya
Baby blue two tones yarn. Stockinette stitches, 2nd day


3rd day…determination!! 🙂


At the same time teaching Che Melos how to knit…


Meryll… after this, its YOUR Ruffled up vest top, Insha Allah!