Yep… 14 inches today, and knit knot up up and up. 3 more inches to go and first part finished.

Tired back… knitting and juggle it up with:

– laundry (towels today)

-coffee (lots of coffee today)

-wrapping up a birthday gift thats going to be posted, tomorrow!

-housekeeping (im keeping the house :P)



-candy collecting

-the Cafe World

-cooking dinner for the girls

-watching “The Nanny Diaries” ~got the book at home, but hadnt read a page!~


Phewww…and who said being unemployed is all about lazing around? Not me, me, me.

Guitar lesson tomorrow, hopefully (i forgot that it’s supposed to be tonight, sorry, OB!!)


And here’s the picture of the tunic, Day 8.

Till tomorrow!!