I was walking at the short vegetable isle at Ampang Point’s Giant on Saturday and i saw it.

English Parsley and i immediately want to have tabouleh. It reminds me of the girls in Dubai, and of course, the ever green as it’s his favorite salad. Bought the other ingredients and if you want to try to make it on your own, really it’s easy and its yummy!

The ingredients and methods:

Of course, the Parsley – it is up to you how much you want, but i bought 200gms and i only use the leaves. I soaked the parsley for a while in order to get rid of the sand. Then i cut the leaves and use my salad spinner to remove the water. A lot other kind of salad doesn’t really need the vegetable to be dry, but tabouleh is a bit different (at least for me). No water please… 🙂

If you didn’t have a salad spinner, you can also leave the leaves on a dry towel for a while till it is not as wet.

Then, the hardest part of the recipe! To chop the leaves. The parsley needs to be chopped as fine as possible.

In the meanwhile, I soaked about a handful of burghul. For you who has never heard of it, this lovely ingredient is made from several different wheat species, but most often from durum wheat.

Burghul is whole grain, it  is sometimes confused with cracked wheat, which is crushed wheat grain that has not been parboiled. Bulgur can be found in natural food stores, Middle Eastern specialty grocers, and some traditional grocery stores. Bulgur is a common ingredient in Assyrian, Kurdish,Turkish, Middle Eastern, Indian and Mediterranean dishes. It has a light, nutty flavor.

As I only have 200 gms of parsley, this time around I am going to add in some Japanese Cucumber in the Tabouleh. I sliced and diced cucumber, tomato (1pcs – medium) and some onion. When burghul is ready (after soaked in cold water for about 30 minutes), I added it in.

For the dressings, I have lemon juice (from half a lemon), 2 spoonful of Olive Oil, bit of salt, black pepper and of course, a teaspoon of dried mint.

And it’s DONE!

Nisa is having it with bread, cheese and more tomatoes.

For me, since there is no Khoubz (Arab bread), i ate it just on it’s own 🙂

So…cravings for Tabouleh is now satisfied.

Next mission? Falafel, maybe? hehe