In 2007, when one of the Callejas came to visit KL, I purchased a sim card for his usage and when he left, I passed the sim to my little sister, Ita to use. On my mobiles phone book, I still saved the number as “David” and I usually will use the name to address Ita whenever I sms or calls Ita.

It was yesterday, when Nisa and I was on the way to Central Market, that I sent an sms to Ita who was on her way back to KL from Ipoh. We are going for a window shopping and will pick her up too.


Dear David, adalah dikhabarkan, kemer kemer berdua adalah sedang dalam perjalanan untuk melepak di CM. Jumpa di sana!

Beep…beep… ITA replied:

Yolah…kat Rawang dah ni… Wah, terer, David leh cakap Melayu.

ME : David Arumugam la katakan….

ITA : Cam haram….