I had problem asking mak what is the malay name for certain spices. Sometimes we will use sign languages or ill draw it up or, ill walk to the kitchen and try to find a sample.

As i am on vacation now and got nothing much to do, i browsed a few websites and get the names of some spices, translated!

Hope this helps!


1. Kulit kayu manis – Cinnamon

2. Halba – Fenugreek (English), Fieno Greco (Italian), mayti, methe, methi (Indian)

3. Bunga Cengkih (Cloves)

4. Lada Hitam – Black Peppercorns

5. Lada Putih – White Peppercorns

6. Bunga Lawang – Star Arise

7. Buah Keras/kemiri – Candlenut

8. Jintan Manis – Fennel

9. Jintan Putih – Cumin

10. Ketumbar – Coriander Seeds

11. Onion Seed – Habbah Sauda (Arabic)

12. Buah Pelaga – Cardamom

Others (not in the picture) will be:

* Lengkuas – Galangal

* Asam Jawa – Tamarind

* Bijan – Sesame Seeds

* Daun limau purut – Kaffir Lime Leaf

* Serai – Lemongrass

* Tamarind – Asam Jawa

Ill update this when i can get more coming to my little brain.

Time to wrap up…eh, i mean, clean up the kitchen peeps!