Its 2.24pm

Gotta get ready to head back to KL for the weekend.

To send the Gen2 back to Niz.

Bringing teary eyed Alisa along with mak.

Alisa cried during lunch when i told her to eat a bit more as we will start our journey soon. She said she didn’t want to go anymore.

I thought that she will miss her little bro and sister and so i offered to take her to mak mok’s place before heading off. She said no, she only want her mama.

Now, that’s heart whelming!

So i called her mama and let her talk to Alisa. Her mama offered to get the diddy to pick her up, but mak told mama that we already purchased the train tickets back from KL. So mama tried her best to convince Alisa to not to cry.

Finally, she is okay and now ready to go.

She asked mak when she will have her Quran lesson for the day. Mak said, no need today, but Alisa still want to have it.

So…. lets have some lessons and cik dien will have her Earl Grey and then, our journey will start.

Yalla massalamma Ipoh, ahlan KL!